Best 7 Day Hikes around Kathmandu Valley in Nepal

best day hikes in kathmandu

Kathmandu is a pot shaped beautiful valley surrounded by Mountains. These mountain tops are excellent viewpoints for snow capped Himalayas seen from Kathmandu valley. These mountains provide good refuge taking stress and instantly provide refresh. Either you are Allen to Kathmandu or local resident of it, these trips are always alluring. In this post we are talking about Best 7 day hikes around Kathmandu valley in Nepal and why you should join these trips to make your day special. And if you can apply walking meditation in your hikes then it can be outwardly and inwardly rewarding. The main formula of walking meditation is conscious walking with the sense of let go.

  1. Phulchoki hiking

Phulchoki hiking is beuatiful day hike in Kathmandu that starts from Godawari and ends in Godawari. There is a motor road from Godawari to top of Phulchoki. People can bike or take other private transport to reach Phulchoki and see the majestic view or hike all the way from Godawari which is really fun walking all the way through lush green forest with sweetest music of birds. It takes averagely 3 hours to climb uphill and 2 hours to make it down. The military canteen on Phulchoki hill sells simple lunch on request like noodle soup, sugared drinks etc. It is more recommended to hike with a at least a buddy for fun.

Nagarkot to Changunarayan hike

Nagarkot is famous hill station for mountain views which is one hour drive from Kathmandu. This relaxing down hike from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan temple passes through villages which displays unique culture of hilly Nepali life. There are many viewpoints on the way for mountain views. nagarkot lies at altitude of 2100 m from sea level.

Changu Narayan is famous pilgrimage place for hindus of the world in general and Vaisnabs in Particular. This UNESCOs recognized world heritage site has blissful energy. The old settlement of Changu narayn villlage is very fasinating.

3. Amitaba Monastery or White Gumba Hike

single tree swing

Amitaba monastery is famous Bhddhist monastery in kathmandu popular among day hikers. The hike starts from Buddha park of swoyambhunath stupa. There is option to have a stop on single tree hill which is now a popular swing station in Kathmandu. Then from single tree hill one can visit Adheshore temple and climb to white monastery or locally called seto gumba. The whole journey should take 3-4 hours and it will be your fun filled day.

4. Sundarijal Hike

beautiful jungle of nepal

Sudarijal hike has different options and most choosen is one that starts at Buddhanilakatha kathmandu from Muhan pokhari and ends in Sundarijal. This walk in Shivapuri National park is roughly done in 5-6 hours. the views are very stunning and there is chance to see animals on the trail. The en-route waterfalls are very pleasing sights to the eyes.

5. Champadevi hike

chandragiri hiking

Champadevi hiking is Popular hiking that starts in Pharping and ends in Taudaha. Pharping is historic town a 30 minutes drive distance from kathmandu on south side. Pharping has become most visit place for Mahayan buddhist where there is cave of englightement in Nepal where Guru Padmasambhava whom Tibetans call Guru Rimpoche did meditation for final years and got mahasiddhi in this place. The temple of Vajrayogini of Pharping is very beautiful. After visitng attractions of pharping one can climb the hill and reach hattiban Resort. Further climbing leads on top of the mountain which has grand view of Kathmandu valley. Then One can continue hike to Champadevi temple and hike down to Taudaha to wrap up and take a drive back to Kathmandu.

6. Nagrjuna Forest Hike to Jamacho gumba

Jamacho gumba lies at western side of kathmandu. The hike starts from Phulbari gate which is 2 kilometers from Machapokhari Kathmandu. The hike is though the jungle and is indeed beautiful. After climing 30 minutes we reach on the height of Nirmal Niwas palace where there is a beautiful meadow to relax and meditate. From the top of Najarjuna top the view of Kathmandu valley is so grand.

7. Shivapuri mountain hike

The Shivapuri mountain hike starts from Buddhanilakantha temple which is 8Km away from Thamel. On the way there is a famous buddhist monastery named Nagi gompa once whose head was father of mingyur rimpoche. After 2 hours hike from Nagi gompa we reach Bagdwar the starting poing of holy Bagmati river and shortly to Shivapuri mountain where mahayogi shivapuri baba did meditation on the tranquil top. On the way around bagdwar area you will meet many himalayan sadhus of Nepal meditating in the caves.

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kathmandu buddhist place tour

Top Spiritual Places in Kathmandu Nepal

This article describes about the best spiritual places inside the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. Nepal is a holy place for many Sadhus and Sants from the beginning and still the influence of spirituality found.

Kathmandu valley has an exotic setting. It is surrounded by tier upon tier of green mountain walls above which tower mighty snowcapped peaks. The valley covers an area of 218 sq miles. It is situated at 1310 meter above the sea level. It contains three fabled cities of great historic, religious and cultural interest. Kathmandu (Kantipur), Patan (Lalitpur) and Bhadgaon (Bhaktapur). Every town has Durbar Square (old palace) with its old temples and palaces, epimotizes the religious and cultural life of the people. The valley has often been described as an open air art gallery with thousands of sacred shrines in brick,stone,metal and wood scattered throughout it.

Some of the best spiritual places in Nepal are:

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Kathmandu Durbar Square is an important spiritual sites in the center of Kathmandu city. While browse around Katmandu Durbar Square you will visit Hanuman Dhoka, the old and historic palace of Kathmandu named after monkey God, Hanuman. It is historic seat of royalty. The Kings of Nepal are crowned and their coronations also held inside the court yard here. There is a statue of King Pratap Mall sitting on the stone pillar in the front and temple of Jagannath from mediaeval period .Within the walking distance you will find the tall temple of Taleju from 1549 AD, the large stone statue of Kal Bhairav, the God of destruction,. the Big Bell and Big Drum and Hindu Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati peeping from window. Visit the temple of Kumari, the residence of Living Goddess within the vicinity. Kumari means the virgin girl. The girl is selected from Buddhist family. The building has profusely carved wooden balconies and window screen. Next a very interesting temple is Kasthamandap which is believed to be built from a single tree trunk and the name Katmandu is derived from this temple.


The hill lock towards the northwest of Kathmandu, Swyambhunath is the spiritual place well known as monkey temple. This is a 2500 years old stupa situated on a hillock about 77 m above the ground level and over looking Katmandu valley. The painted eyes on four sides represent the all seeing eyes of Buddha and are watching all the time wrong doers and good doers.This is a very religious shrine of Buddhists. There are two Buddhist monasteries within the complex and a temple of Haratima where both Buddhists and Hindus worship this temple. The shrine is just 3 km to the northwest of Kathmandu city.


This is a remarkable colossal stone statue of Hindu Lord Vishnu reclining on the bed of snakes is from 5th century AD situated about 8 km to the north of Katmandu at the base of Shivapuri hill.The shrine is in the middle of pond.


This is a temple of Lord Shiva – Pasupatinath with two tiered golden roof and four silver doors situated five kilometer east of Kathmandu at the bank of Bagmati river. This is being a holy place of pilgrimage attracts tens of thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year in spring. At the bank of Bagmati river one can also observe the cremation taking place.


This stupa is 6 km to the east of Kathmandu and is said built in 5th century AD. This ancient stupa is one of the biggest in the world and is ringed by Buddhist lamas and monasteries. This is a very holy stupa for Tibetan Buddhists who come here in thousands in winter festival to pay their tribute.


It lies about 8 km to the south-west of Katmandu on the top of a hill. This is an old Newar village town and people are farmers and living in old traditional culture. The town offers to see many old temples and Buddhist shrines. One can find people weaving in old traditional looms.


It is about 21 km drive through the country to the south of Katmandu. The spectacular views of beautiful landscapes, terraced farmlands and Himalayan ranges on the back ground can be seen while on drive. The road ends right at the temple. Dakshinkali , the supreme Hindu powerful Goddess is worshiped and animals like male-goats and roosters are also sacrificed. This type of rituals take place twice a week Saturday and Tuesday. On our way back visit Shesh Narayan temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and a Buddhist monastery where you will find the Lama monks chanting the prayers. Also visit of Chovar gorge through where the water of the valley is drained out.

Patan Durbar Square:

The ancient city Patan is also known as Lalitpur, which means city of fine arts lies 5 km to the south of Katmandu. The whole complex of Durbar Square consists of different sections of ancient palace like Sundari Chowk (beautiful court yard) where exquisite windows and door carving are seen and the Tushahity (Royal Bath) a master piece of stone carvings and others are Mul Chowk (main court yard), Keshav Narayan Chowk. In front of the palace in the main square there is a statue of King Narendra Malla sitting on the stone pillar. Next to the pillar there is a famous Krishna Mandir temple with 21 pinnacles built all in stone. This is said to be a Shikhara architect from India. Rest you will see several pagoda style temples like temple of Bhimsen, and the public bath, dragon headed spout and the water runs 24 hours. There are also many other famous Buddhist temple like Hiranya Verna Maha Vihar (the Golden temple) and Maha Bouddha with ten thousands Buddha’s images. Most of the people of Patan city are Buddhists. Patan is also very famous in its art work. There are many fine craftsmen in Patan who produce bronze/brass art work in different images/statues of Hindu/Buddhist Gods and Goddesses, silver jewelleries, wood carvings,. Most of the handicrafts you see in the local shops of Katmandu valley are produced in Patan.

Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon) Durbar Square:

City of devotees lies little aloof from Katmandu and Patan to the east 12 km away. As soon as you enter the gate of Durbar Square of Bhaktapur the whole complex is impressive, wider, clean and beautiful with beautiful Lion Gate,Golden Gate, palace of 55 windows, Batsala temple, barking Bell, the statue of King Bhupatendra Mall on a stone pillar, public bath and temple of Pasupatinath After strolling down to corner lane you come another big square. On the left you will find the tallest temple of Nyatapola which means 5 tiers representing symbols of 5 basic elements of nature such as water,wind,fire, earth and sky. This ia a highest pagoda temple of Nepal ever built with architectural perfection and artistic beauty in 1702 AD by the King Bhupatendra Malla. Next to Nyatapola is another giant temple of Bhairavnath, the God of Terror in three story built in 1718 AD. If you walk ahead for about 20 minutes you will come to another square of a Dattatraya temple built in 1427 AD from a trunk of single tree. Behind the temple there is a monastery where you will notice exquistely carved door frame and windows and also a famous peacock window back wall of the monastery.

Changu Narayan:

This is the oldest temple of Vishnu built in early 5th century AD situated at the end of long ridge which runs well into the valley. This place is to the northeast 20 km from Katmandu through the countryside. It commands most magnificent views of Katmandu valley and Himalayas ranges on the back ground. This is also a most important historical, religious place where one can see largest number of finest stone sculptures dating back to 5th-9th century AD. This is also known as living monumental garden.


Nepal is a peaceful and beautiful country of spiritual delights. The historical places, temples, stupas all are linked with the spiritual traditions of Hindus and Buddhist. Being here is the best way to explore the spiritual places is no doubt to compassion with other. Enjoy your spiritual holiday in Nepal by exploring these beautiful spiritual places.

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nepal healing tour

Make 2023 a Nepal Spiritual Healing Program

Are you wondering where to travel in 2023? If so, Nepal can be a destination to choose and instead of choosing regular touristic activities you can make it a more rewarding by including some spiritual healing activities. Nepal is home for different alternate healing practices, spiritual methods and adventures. Make your journey a means to awake by meditation trekking, shaman healing, thrilling adventure activities to drive your fear away and choosing of the beaten paths. If you don’t want to be a too tourist and explore amazing heritage of Nepal, contact Nepal spiritual trekking for tailor made Nepal Spiritual healing programs.

Meditation trekking – Chakraman

What is Chakraman?

Chakraman is a meditation technique Buddha initially used looking at your feet downwards with total awareness of your walk. In Chakraman meditation you will follow on your footsteps with serene attitude as of a sitting meditation. The eyes should be upto four feet distance from your feet. Buddha used to go on a silent sitting and after go on a slow walk with same serenity. Meditation trekking is a challenge for you to walk with same silence and awareness as you experience in silent meditation sittings.

Our goal is to let you walk meditatively and make your trekking a meditation retreat. Join Everest Base camp or Annapurna Base camp or any trekking’s in Nepal and with this Vipassana perspective of walk, we want to let you have different experience. As the enlightened masters experience the same world with different awareness after they get enlightenment, your trekking in the same path will be different in experience with this awareness. Our Guides will help you and we provide you audio instructions to grow on the technique of meditation walking.

Shaman healing

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd organizes tailormade sessions with shamans if you are planning a trip to Nepal for healing your problems. You can join a one-day trip to several days’ long programs. There are options if you want to be trained from a local shaman and use your expertise to heal others back home.  For easy accesses to shamans you can book to stay in Be Here Now Guest House as the shaman studio is near our hotel.

Meditation to High energy places

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd organizes meditation day trips to high energy places where masters were born, got enlightenment or passed away. We organize pharping Asura Cave meditation tour, Lumbini meditation tour and other similar trips to Baghdwar, shivapuri baba samadhi, devghat, marutika cave and other such places.

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meditation in nepal

Meditation trekking in Nepal

During the trek people get physically tired and it makes ground for meditation and it can be epiphany experience. Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd organizes meditation trekking in Nepal that will make you better physically and mentally in a serene natural beauty. Meditation Trekking helps you change your mind for your better days ahead. Overcome fear, anxiety, hatred etc joining Nepal meditation trekking program.

Meditation is a pathless path and it is a happening. No one teach meditation. We will make suitable environment for you to meditate to transform your mind. Be in the mountains lap in the bank of river with Himalayas as a mirror and develop concentration and clarity bringing positive feeling towards all sentient beings. After regular practice you will start developing a focused state of mind where you start experiencing more calmness and peace day by day. This deeper experience takes you to rediscover yourself.

Meditation is something not to read about but to practice. We can guide you how to deal with difficulties to go deeper in the technique. Nepal spiritual trekking company can become encouragement and inspiration so instead of booking regular trekking program for Nepal, why not book Meditation trekking in Nepal.

Experience Positive Impact of Meditation Trekking In Nepal

Meditation takes you on a blissful state where you will forget all the problems related to life. Once you will make your all moments meditative then whole life will be blissful. Nepal is regarded a sacred place with more meditative atmosphere. Nepal has been developing these days as a spiritual tourism destination. There will be nothing much difference then regular trekking and meditation trekking as in meditation trekking you manage 1 hour each  day to calm yourself either with a group or yourself. Meditation in long run cleanses all your mental impurities which can make you free of mental related problems.

Nepal Spirtual Trekking is a pioneer Spiritual Tourism provider Trekking company in Nepal.

We offer one day meditation tour in Kathmandu to several days long base camp treks to the heart of Himalayas.

Make Meditation Trekking  in Nepal a Transformative Journey



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new travel trend

Yoga and Meditation – New Travel Trend – Please Love it.

Yoga and Meditation during travel is a new emerging trend in travel industry. Many people have agreed that there is no any other way to get real happiness other than meditation. The Yoga and Meditation on travel is concept to balance your inner and outer world. The Yoga and meditation on travel is more likely to make “your soul and body both stronger”. It will give you insights on life management after you come home back from a trip.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd is Nepal based and Nepali run travel company. We encourage you to join on a meaningful trips that are designed both for your soul and body. For the begginers we encourage to meditate about twenty minutes each day for a month then make it to 40 minutes and after one hour each day. The silence of one hour will help you perfectly manage your 23 hours. The Journey you join for yoga and meditation during Nepal will be a inspiring journey giving you courage and determination for to Journey on a meditation path.

Please take a photo on a new desitation you go of meditation and tag us in our Instragram page. Our Instagram user name is spiritual_tours and best mention will get Free all paid Everest Base camp Trip twice a year in April and October. Lets make Yoga and Meditation a new travel trend so many people will get inspired and be benefitted.

May all beings be Happy

May Peace prevail on Earth.

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nepal tour company

Best Tour Company in Nepal

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd is proud to announce itself as a best tour company in Nepal. Nepal is a popular international tour destination. The best popular tour destinations of Nepal are tour of Lumbini as a part of Buddhist pilgrimage tour, tour to Everest base camp as adventure tour, tour to heritage sites of Kathmandu, tour to Pokhara and many others.

Nepal spiritual trekking P Ltd is one of the best tour company in Nepal because it is flexible to address needs of its clients, eco friendly, highly rated on trip advisor and social media reviews, personal care and specialty of it lies in organizing special programs for spiritual quest fulfillments.

If you are seeking to travel in Nepal and wondering how to find a best tour company in Nepal than contacting Nepal spiritual trekking P ltd can be door knocking step. We will guide you through the process and you will feel that you made a right choice.

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nepal spiritual tour

10 Spiritual Tours in Nepal

Don’t miss Spiritual side of Nepal if you are planning a trip to Nepal. Nepal is a unique place where you will find Hinduism and Buddhism practiced together along with many parallel local practices. You will see incense aroma rising from Temples, the decorative mandalas in front local Newar houses of Kathmandu, the Buddhist prayers flags fluttering in winds in sacred places, the amazing temples scattered all around the city in such a setting from where you will see big panorama of view along with snow capped Himalayas. Come and get into spiritual side of Nepal for authentic Nepal exploration.

1.     Buddhist places tour with blessings from a monk

buddhist place of nepal


This program lets you visit some selected buddhist monasteries of Kathmandu to Understand Nepali Buddhism to a deeper level. In this tour you will receive blessings from a high level Buddhist Monk. This tour is 4-6 hours long. It includes visit to Boudhanath stupa, Kopan monastery and some other highlight places with half hour meditation in a monastery.

In this program there will be interaction with a monk, some teachings on Buddhist techniques of mindfulness and happiness. Visiting the largest Buddhist stupa of boudhanath and spirirual tour to Buddhist monastery can give you some different insights.

2. Spirit of Kathmandu Private day Tour

spirit of kathmandu tour

This tour includes visit to major world heritage sites of Kathmandu not only being a mere observer but also as a participator. The tour includes visit to Swoyambhunath Stupa (monkey temple), Patan City, Pashupatinath and Boudhanath. This tour enables you get know spirit of Kathmandu keeping its history, art, religion and social change on background.

3. Shaman healing day Tour

shaman tour nepal

This trip includes visit to a local shaman who heals your problems with native knowledge and skills based on the tradition. He will tell your fortune, makes you cautious the practices to be taken to avoid illness and bad omens. Get a living guidance from a local shaman joining shaman healing day tour.

4. Private day trip 4 ganesh temples of Kathmandu

ganesh tour nepal

Kathmandu is city of temples and home of Gods. Ganesh is one of the most important Hindu god and one of the major god for people of Kathmandu. He is remover of obstacles and gives good luck. The private day trip to four Ganesh tamples includes visit to following Ganesh places

  1. Chandra Binayak of chabahil
  2. Suryabinayak of Bhaktapur
  3. Karyabinayak of Bugmati
  4. Jal Binayak of Chovar

5. Private day trip 4 vishnu places of Kathmandu

lord bishnu

Vishnu is the protector deity of Hindu. Kathamndu valley is protected by placing four Vishun temples in four corners of Kathmandu. If you want to visit four Vishnu temples of Kathmandu and get blessed then join private day tour 4 vishnu places of Kathmandu.  The important four Vishun temples of Kathmandu are Changu Narayan Temple, Bisankhunarayan temple, Ichangunarayan and Shesnarayan. Apart from four narayans of Kathmandu valley there is another famous narayan temple of Budanilakantha. Make your mission complete visiting five narayan temples of Kathmandu.

6. Day trip for Yoga and Meditation in Kathmandu

meditation tour nepal

Join a day trip for yoga and meditation in Kathmandu. The options include visit to Pharing Asura cave for a meditation session or hike to Shivapuri to meditate on the high energy field where Shiva Puri Baba have meditated for several years or visit to tapoban International commune and on the way visit to Nepal Yoga Home for two Hours Yoga course.

Please contact us if you love to join and we will send you options with perfect suggestion to meet your level.

7. Shop, cook, pray and Eat Day Tour in Kathmandu

cook, pray and eat

We invite you to join our shop, cook, pray and Eat tour to get deeply immersed in Nepali way of life and understand attitude of food of People. As most people believe in One, food is taken as divine gift. Learn to cook like a local some authentic Nepali dishes joining our shop, cook, pray and eat day tour program just at 40 USD for a day.

8. Buddhist places pilgrimage Tour

how to visit lumbini

Nepal has sacred Buddhist places. Here are two world heritage sites in kathmandu called Swoyambhunath and Boudhnath, and valley has old Buddhist monasteries based on old tradition and new monasteries made based on Tibetan buddhism after exile of Dalai Lama. Along with Buddhist heritage of Kathmandu, the other Buddhist places of interest in Nepal are Namo Buddha, Asura Cave of Pharping and ultimately Lumbini where Siddhartha Gautham Buddha was born. Join our multiday Buddhist places pilgrimage tour for inner growth and peace of mind.

9. Hindu places Pilgrimage tour

hindu attractions of nepal

Nepal once a hindu country now a secular country have some world famous power places where a hindu is expected to visit before they die for fulfil of quest. Our Hindu places tour includes visit to some sacred hindu temples in Kathmandu that includes Pashupatinath temple. This multi day tour includes visit to manakamana Temple and Muktinath temple in Mustang region of Nepal. There are many places to be included or excluded based on your interest or number of days you will have.

Please tell us about yourself so we will send you a special itinerary.

10. Base camp Trekking

everest spiritual tour

People of faith believe that the snowcapped mountain regions are sacred because the pure power resides there. If you love to trek in Nepal and join Everest Base camp Trekking or Anaapurna base camp treking, always remember Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd.

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nepal 10 days holiday

Walking holiday in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destinations for walking holidays if you are planning walking holiday in Nepal. A varied combination of activities tailor-made from trekking in Everest Region or Annapurna region, Jungle safari in Chitwan National park, white water rafting in Trishuli river, paragliding over beautiful mountain faced sky of Pokhara and meditatation in serene places gives you better Nepal taste. Experience the spectacular mountain view joining yoga treks in Nepal offered by Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd.

Our walking holiday in Nepal trips are perfect opportunity to discover Nepali off beaten track. Please write us about your nature of taste and we will send you perfect Nepal walking holiday itinerary. Our itinerary are always optioned to make longer or shorter based on your request to address your number of days you are planning for Nepal.

Happy holiday and make it more happy visiting Nepal. Make us more happy to make you happier by choosing our tailor-made

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Top 10 best activities to do in Nepal

If you are planning to visit beautiful Himalayan country nepal and wondering what can be the top best activities to do in nepal than following are the selective 10 best things to do in Nepal to have best Nepal experience from major activitues Nepal offers. As we have a slogan ” Naturally Nepal Once is not Enough”, you can try these activities in one visit for in multiple visit.

kathmandu city tour

  1. Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Kathmandu valley has very unique heritage sites that are fascinating. The visit to Nepal becomes incomplete if you miss Kathmandu city tour. Sightseeing in Kathmandu can be planned for a day to three days based on number of holidays you have and your interest to art, architecture, gods, and cultural aspect of Kathmandu. The most see sightseeing places of Kathmandu are follows.

Swoyambhunath stupa also called monkey temple popularly by tourists.

Any one among Patan durbar square, Kathmandu durbar square or Bhaktapur Durbar square (Made in same time with same mindset of people so some similarities as well as many differences, the palace made in medieval times)

Pashupatinath Temple: World popular shiva temple of Kathmandu where you encounter Sadhus, see cremation rituals etc

Boudhanath stupa: a largest stupa made in Tibetan style

nepal best trek

2. Trekking and hiking

Nepal is one of the famous destination specially beacse of its terrain suitable for hiking and trekking.  Nepal offers a long day hike to several days long trekkings. The most popular trekking regions of Nepal are Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang Region.

The popular short hike destinations of Nepal are as follows.

Hiking routes near and around from Kathmandu

Nagarjuna Hiking (5 hrs)

White Monastery Hiking (4 hrs)

Sundarijal-Chisapani Hiking (3 hrs)

Nagarkot Hiking (5 hrs)

Namobuddha Hiking (4 hrs)

Changunarayan Hiking (4 hrs) 

Hiking Routes near and from Pokhara

Sarangkot Hiking (6 -7 hrs)

World Peace Pagoda Hiking (4-5 hrs)

Naudanda-Sarankot Hiking (6-7 hrs)

The popular trekking destinations of Nepal are as follows

Chisapani Nagarkot Trekking (2 Night 3 days)

Ghorepani Poon hill Trekking (4 Night 5 days)

Everest Base Camp Trekking (12 days)

Annapurna Base Camp Trekking (10 days)

Annapurna Circuit trekking (17 Days)

Three Pass trekking in Everest (17 days)

Langtang Gosaikunda Trekking (7 days)

view of chitwan

  1. Jungle safari in chitwan national park

Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park is said to be one of the best acitivity to do in Nepal if you love to be in Nature and see flora and fauna. The elephant safari is interesting activity for many people but some who advocate for animal rights can do jungle drive. Two night three days chitwan package can be  good time to see major highlights of chitwan.

views from mountainflight

  1. Mountain flight

This one hour flight to Everest Base camp is possible best way to see Nepal Himalayas. It is most do activity for people who do not have good physicality or enough time to trek to Mount Everest.  Be on the altitude of about 7,000meters and see sunrise in Himalayas to make your experience special.

monks puja


  1. Yoga , meditation and retreats

Nepal is land of Yogis and seekers although it is very hard now to find someone who is not money minded and makes practice at its pristine purity. There are many centers in Kathamndu and Pokhara region who offer courses for tourists. Please find the genuine one to get more value. Visit to birthplace of Buddha (Lumbini), Asura Cave of pharping (Kathmandu), Bagdwar of shiva puri (Kathmandu), Namo Buddha etc can be most included places if you want to feel serenity and peace to feel high energy of those places.

river in nepal

  1. White water rafting and kayaking

Nepali rivers are ideal place to experience fun of rafting and Kayaking. Trishuli, Bhotekoshi, Karnali, Marshyangdi, and seti are some popular white water rafting and kayaking rivers.

nepal volunteer best

  1. Volunteering

The best way to understand a country being a local like and volunteering  makes you more closer to genuine Nepal I experience. The most popular volunteering in Nepal are English teaching, agriculture and organic farming, elephant care, children care etc. The program can be from a day to several weeks in length.

  1. Paragliding, zipline, bungy jump and rock climing

Nepal is home of many adventure activities like paragliding, zip line, bungy jump, rock climbing, caving etc. If you have strong heart and want to experience sublime than choose one that appeals you most. Pokhara is home for more adventure activities. The last resort offers more thrilling bungy jump.

  1. Cooking classes

Learn to cook Nepali food which can be fun and skillful act. The popular and easy learning’s can be learn to make nepali styled tea, cook daal bhat, make alu paratha, prepare momos etc

  1. Mountain biking

Nepal has number of best cycling trails. If you have mastery over paddles than dare to go mountain biking in Nepal.

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Nepal Earthquake Devastation Places Tour

If there was no Earthquake, there would have been no Himalayas. The Himalayan Region where Nepal lies is prone area to major Earthquakes. Nepal has been hit by major Earthquakes every century and medium to small Earthquakes each year. Nepal was hit by Major Earthquake in 2015 April which took life of more than 10,000 people which is commonly understood as Gorkha Earthquake. This Earthquake not only took life of many people also destroyed millions of houses causing loss of property.

Nepal is now slowly recovering from the Earthquake effect. Some scientiests who made some research after 2015 April Earthquake claim that the Earthquake of 2015 and its after shocks did not release total energy and the mid Nepal is likely to hit by even greater magnitude earthquake in the future.

In the 2015 April Earthquake, many villages were completely destroyed. Kathmandu valley had some historical sites and some parts of the city getting more damage.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd invites you to join this devastating places tour if you are interested to see how the Earthquake of 2015 damaged Nepal and how it is recovering. After Nepal Earthquake nepal was misrepresented as it was over damage shown by organizations to collect donations and was under represented by those who did not go real destruction sites and generalized. In Nepal Earthquake destruction places tour, we will show you the site Barpak of gorkha district where the epi center was, the major destroyed areas, and the sites where scietiests have traced the faultlines.

This tour can be customerized from a day to several weeks. Please send us your length of holiday and we will send you the best suitable itinerary.

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