winter trek in base camp

Trek during the winter in Nepal

Winter is low tourist season for Nepal but many people may not have known that it is possible to trek in Nepal plus 5,000m in mid winter. This can be done without any technical equipments or skills but the most need is proper warm clothes. There are many benefits of winter trekking in Nepal in terms of nice weather and crowd free trekking trails with clear fantastic views. Enjoy the peace and serenity of mountains trekking in winter avoiding crowd of busy spring and fall season.
The famous trekking routes of Nepal like Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Poon hill trekking, Everest Base camp trek, Langtang trek can be done easily in winter.
The winter weather of Trekking areas of Nepal
People are often worried that in winter, Nepal Himalayan region will be filled with snow, with very low temperature and always the strong winds but the fact is not so. In Nepal there is very less rain in winter and most days are sunny. Only it rains few times during the winter months. On those days people can take rest days and go along the pattern of weather. With warm gears, the falling temperature is not a problem. In sunny day, the temperature is manageable and after the sunset till sunrise you will be inside the tea house. A good down jacket, a minus 30 sleeping bag, thermal gloves etc can defeat the temperature issue. The tea houses will provide extra blanket over sleeping bag in need.

The Tea house in trekking areas
In the major trekking areas of Nepal like Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region there will be always enough number of lodges open for off season trekkers. There is a rotation system in local level. People planning for Manaslu trekking in mid winter or Kanchanjunga should be aware if the tea houses are open in altitude villages. It is more likely to remain healthier during winter months because of less flies and pollutants.

Reasons to choose winter trekking in Nepal
1. Live in a room of your choice
2. Timely and smooth service
3. Peaceful and serene atmosphere
4. Timely flight

Some advices

1. Don’t go solo in high passes
2. Enjoy the winter discount offers