jeep to chame

Transport to Manang of Annapurna circuit Trekking

Now there is motor able road on both sides of World famous Annapurna Circuit trekking.  There is a debate if it was right decision to make motor road destroying major parts of trekking trail and people have divided opinions. Some people are facing tragedy and many people are using it as opportunity.

The classical Annapurna Circuit trekking was/is roughly 3 weeks long but these days many people do it in two weeks. If you have short holiday and want to do Annapurna circuit trekking, you can use road transport from Kathmandu to Chame of Manang and start trekking from Manang. You can take direct transport from Kathmandu to Chame that departs from near swoyambhunath Buddha park or take a transport to Beshishar of lamjung district which is gate way to world famous Annapurna circuit and take a jeep from there to Manang. From Kathmandu to Beshishar you have options of choosing deluxe buses to micro buses. If you are in a group, better to take a direct jeep having four wheeler from Kathmandu.

Some people wonder that if they might get altitude when they drive all the way upto Manang but people don’t get altitude related sickness upto Manang and it is suggested to have a acclimization day there before setting a trip towards Mustang crossing Thorongla Pass.

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