travel in nepal in June

Trekking in Nepal in June

June is one of the special months of Nepal. Nepali people say that it is a month to sow little and harvest multiple in October/November. The monsoon starts in Nepal around June 10 each year. Most of the agriculture in Nepal depends on rain water. The whole plantation field becomes performing places with hard labor, songs and dances, varieties of food etc. This month teaches people how strong the bond is between nature and humans.

As this month is special for rice plantation and agricultural activities, tourists can join volunteer programs, cultural activities and trek to highland of Nepal. In places like Bhaktapur of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lamjung etc, the local people organize rice planting related festivals like mud race, plough race, rice planting race with local music’s and special food. Here people believe that one will be healthier if touches the mud during rice planting events.

There are some special foods eaten in this month like beaten rice, yoghurt, banana etc. The longest day of the year falls in this month. Learn to sing Asare song, the special songs sung in this month from farmers. Learn from the clouds. Learn what hard labor from farmers is. In this month, you will see beautiful water falls in the mountains everywhere. The whole earth looks beautiful like a pregnant woman.

The rainy season is special months for Buddhist monks. Since the Buddha’s time, they were ordered to stop travelling out and focus for their spiritual growth. There are many monasteries which offer special retreat course for rainy season. Travel in Nepal in June to enjoy specialty June offers.

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