trekking in nepal during monsoon

Trekking in Nepal during monsoon

Are you planning trekking in Nepal during monsoon? Generally people say that monsoon is not right time of the year to trek in Nepal and the number of tourists decrease at this season on trekking routes of Nepal than autumn and Spring which is said best time of year to trek in Nepal. Nepal has some geography that is on rain shadow region and it is best to trek their during monsoon months.  In the north of Nepal, there are greater mountains called Himalayas and besides that Nepal has part of Tibetan plateau which is a special region for exploration of authentic Tibetan culture.

Monsoon is good time to go on Trekking in Nepal Annapurna circuit. The manang and Mustang region of Nepal lies in rain shadow region and suitable for trekking in Nepal during monsoon season. At this time the water falls looks incredibly beautiful, the vegetation looks lush green, the clouds play hide and seek with Himalayas, comparatively low chance of altitude sickness because of summer, less risk of avalanches, less number of tourists on trail which means more intimacy and peace with nature.

People have misconception that during monsoon in Nepal, it rains all the day which is not so. Normally except some said it rains few hours during 24 hours and rest hours are sunny, clear weather, fresh blow of air. Normally in a day, the trekking camps of the days are designed for 4-5 hours walk so one can easily manage to trek on off rain hours and enjoy the rain sitting on the balcony of tea houses.

One of the benefits of trekking in monsoon season is leach therapy. Medically scientists have proven that leaches suck the impure blood of the body and help make someone healthy boosting immunity. You can have this benefit of leach therapy coming trekking in Nepal during monsoon.

When people come Nepal to trek in so called best time of year and monsoon season they will say trekking in Nepal best time to go is monsoon where you get more for paying less. It will be a chance to see agricultural practices carried here which are carried like festivals. You can ask your travel agent to make your day trip on a farm volunteering in nepal You will feel the happy soil. The terraces look incredibly beautiful after plantation. Welcome to Nepal for trekking in monsoon as monsoon in Nepal starts roughly from June 10 and ends on Sep 23.

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