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The 8 mysteries of April 25, 2015 earthquake of mystical Nepal

  1. 8-magnitude quake struck Nepal on Saturday April 25, 2015 and the quake came on such a time of a day which was reason for minimal damage. If it was on night, or on working days of the week or just few hours in advance or after, the number might had been much more. If that was not Saturday, 35000 class rooms were destroyed in Nepal which means about 75,000 students …
  2. The energy released by the earthquake in Nepal was 504.4 times the energy sent out by the Hiroshima atomic blast in 1945. The Hiroshima bombings killed at least 90,000 to 1, 66,000 people.
  3. The Nepal earthquake has affected both life and property in the region. But another interesting observation reveals that the city of Kathmandu have shifted by as much as 10 feet after the quake. The southward shift is quite prominent.
  4. The Geologists have not found the major rupture fault.
  5. According to earthquake expert Binod Tiwari: The only 17%of the total released energy was used to shake. It would not have been strange if 70% energy was used. Where did the rest energy go? The people of Kathmandu worry that the shake was big but in compare to other earthquakes of world, it is still strange.
  6. The swing of houses time was observed 6 seconds but the scientists say that in general it is done within 2 seconds.
  7. The earthquake came in dry season which prevented the Kathmandu’s soft soil profile from being liquidified saving life of thousands of property value of billion.
  8. In general the energy releases uniformly in all direction from epi center but in this earthquake most energy is found channelized to east of Barpak.

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nepal is very safe place

Is Nepal Safe for Tourists after April 25, 2015 Earthquake?

A moderate Earthquake hit central and western Nepal on April 25 2015 and since than many aftershocks is continuously coming. There were two major aftershocks April 26 and second week of May. The earthquake took life of roughly 9,000 people and left thousand injured. About dozens of districts goy badly damaged including Gorkha, Sindupalchowk, Rasuwa, Dolakaha and Kathmandu valley was moderately damaged. The major Heritage sites of the valley are partially damaged. (more…)

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