trekking in Nepal July

Travel Nepal in July

July is beautiful month to observe monsoon clouds changing shapes. The farmers are busy planting rice in the fields. The rivers are in their full youth. Except the jungle of concrete, everywhere is green. The rain not only washes the physical dirt, it often gives a spiritual experience. The most beautiful music for this month is croaking of a frog and beautiful light is that of a firefly.

The important festival of this month is roapi jatra (the rice planting festival). Make your program that fits the season. Go in the fields to plough the field and make a race.

People advice that avoid Nepal travelling during monsoon season because Chitwan is very warm and full of mosquitoes, Pokhara is moist and always wet etc but you will feel surprisingly difference when you are here. You will see Pokhara like cities filled with tourists and volunteers in July.

The nice itinerary to make during monsoon season is open itinerary by which you can work during rains. The rain usually occurs during nights and late afternoons. Avoiding the rain hours, you can use your time visit the place of your choice breathing most clean air.

For short hikes choose Jomsom region for July because it lies in rain shadow region beyond the greater mountains. If you are on a long holiday, choose Annapurna circuit trekking for July trekking in Nepal. The hotels and restaurants announce special discount offers for monsoon season. You can enjoy the best in fewer prices.

July is good month to join summer volunteer programs in Nepal. The best programs for summer are Elephant care volunteering, agricultural volunteering, teaching and working in a monastery. See you in Nepal. Travel differently

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