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Do God’s signal disasters in Nepal?

In Nepal, many people believe that the divine powers reveal signs of coming disasters. In April of 2015, the mid Nepal was hit by powerful earthquake and several aftershocks are following it since 50 days. Today on 12th of June the idol of the Goddess Ugra Chandi of Kavre did sweat. People have belief that when the stone idol sweats, the country may face some disasters. Rare are these news and they are troubling to people of faith.

There are many tales among locals that the idol of the godess sweating in the past and disaster in the country of any scale after. There is another famous Temple in Dolakha of Bhimsen where there is idol of Bhimsen. The idol of Bhimsen also sweats on special occasion and people take it as a sign of coming disaster. The last time the Bhimsen deity sweated on 14th of December 2014 and people were worried and they had taken it as a bad omen. According to the locals Bhimsen deity earlier sweated at the time of massive disasters in Nepal, including the catastrophic earthquake of 1990 B.S., the royal massacre of 2058 B.S. and the political change of 2063 B.S., which abolished monarchy.

This year during the popular festivals of Kathmandu like Fagu (holi festival) the pillar was broken, during the macchindranath Jatra, there were mishaps.

We can also say that these all were coincidences and these believes are superstitious which do not have any direct connection with the disastrous events but for local people of faith, those events are alarms of disasters country is going to face.

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