haunted places of nepal

Nepal Ghost Tour : Scary and Haunted Places Tour in Nepal

We are not promoting ghost exists but if you believe it and want to Join Nepal Ghost tour to visit scary and haunted places in Nepal then this tour might be very exciting for you. Some people believe that supernatural powers exist and some take it as a bullshit idea. Paranormal activities always have wondered peoples mind. There are people who believe in it or oppose it. In Nepal, most of the people believe in the existence of paranormal powers and there are stories of such encounters from house to house. In this tour, we follow the paranormal story and try to reach on a experience. This tour might be a window to researchers who have interest in this field.
There are different places in Annapurna region, or Everest region, or in Kathmandu where they believe the paranormal powers make a play and one can experience such happenings so please let us know how much time you have so we can suggest you length of program with what paranormal activity will be there. The most places tours covers will be bank of certain part of rivers, secluded and lonely places of mountains, some haunted houses, the strange trees of jungles etc.
Nepali common concepts of paranormal beings
1. Kichkanya: If a girl of marriageable age dies unnatural death by accident, suicide etc , she is believed to become a paranormal being called kichkanya. She is believed to visit rooms of boys to allure them and exploit them. Then the boy will start being thin day by day and ultimately he dies. This ghost is supposed to have feet bent to opposite side and lack back flesh. These stories are more common from old newari settlements.
2. Murkatta: People in Nepal often say Murkatta while scolding other. Murkatta ghost is said to be very dangerous. It has no head. It has eyes and mouth on its chest. It is found especially in forest. It sometimes comes to home too especially at night. It can be easily chased if one tries to scare it.
3. White horse: it completely looks like a horse and it runs on the way at 3 o’clock in the morning. If anyone sees it will die on the spot.
4. Chhauda: Chhauda is a Bhojpuri word which means child. So the ghost is in the form of child. Especially children see it doing different activities and playing tricks. Then the children become sick. This ghost is not so dangerous. If one sees baby in dream, it is also Chhauda playing trick with the dreamer.
5. Veer: Veer is a type of ghost which is like a faithful servant for his master. When it is controlled by someone with the power of tantra mantra, it will do all household and field works with its magic. But if it is imbalanced, it will cause mental problems up to many generations of the master. It can walk oppositely on the ceiling. It can also plough a bulk of land within a matter of a night.
6. Chudail: This is living ghost. It transforms into cat and sucks the people at night. It can cause sickness and sometimes death of humans and animals. It is powerless if its hair was cut. It specially attack the people who sleep by putting hand on their own chest.
7. Pichas: This type of ghost lives on the blood of humans. It appears only at night. It cannot stay on sun light. It is very dangerous. It is man hunter.

The shaman doctors in villages of Nepal examine the ill ones and claim that some of these paranormal powers make people ill. The existence of these powers has become the idea shamanic practices existing in rural parts of Nepal. Many people go to shamans than to doctors to treat illness.