nepal is very safe place

Is Nepal Safe for Tourists after April 25, 2015 Earthquake?

A moderate Earthquake hit central and western Nepal on April 25 2015 and since than many aftershocks is continuously coming. There were two major aftershocks April 26 and second week of May. The earthquake took life of roughly 9,000 people and left thousand injured. About dozens of districts goy badly damaged including Gorkha, Sindupalchowk, Rasuwa, Dolakaha and Kathmandu valley was moderately damaged. The major Heritage sites of the valley are partially damaged.

We humans are visitors of this planet earth and we should know the law of impermanence. As we are changing so does the Earth too. There are no places in world where there is no problem. On last week of May 2015 there was a almost similar intensity earthquake in Japan where no building is reported to broken or no one loosing life in the calamity. It is not Earthquake that takes life but it is quality of structure we make that takes life.

It is the global age and media has important role. The media has played important role to appeal the world and help the victims. The whole world has been very kind to Nepal and Nepali people to address the after earthquake situation. But it is also media that makes propaganda too.  Few monuments that were century old were destroyed but media are projecting in a way that whole country has become waste land.

Only few hotels are damaged in Kathmandu and many are ok. Many volunteers who came Kathmandu to help in the rescue mission are true ambassadors to tell the world as Earthquake have done minimal damage to infrastructures of Nepal’s tourism industry and Nepal is safe to travel. Nepal offers many things from adventure activities to spiritual activities, volunteering to home stay etc. The earthquake has done very negligible damage to Everest Region and almost no any effect to Annapurna Region.

The best way to help Nepal at this time is by visiting it if you have already planned it. In the monsoon season there are some rain shadow regions in Nepal where you can go on a monsoon trekking in Nepal. Upper Mustang is nice place to go in August onwards. You can come and help Nepal as a volunteer all round the year.