head of Nigma Buddhism

Do you believe in Reincarnation

Do you believe in reincarnation? Reincarnation is the primary belief in Buddhism. Tibetan Spiritual leader Dalai lama has accepted Nwang Tenzing Choki as the incarnation of his deceased Guru Trulsik Rimpoche. The youngest monk born on 25 July of 2013 has become the head of Tibet’s oldest Buddhist sect Nigma. On the occasion of 80th birthday of Dalai Lama, The boy was declared the Rimpoche.

The head of Nigma Sect of Buddhism Guru Trulsik Rimpoche has passed away four years back in solukhumbu district of Nepal. The The boy born in Kathmandu from parents Babur Choeling Tulku Nwagl and Mother Pailung chewing Dolma is now head of Nigma school of Buddhism. The deceased monk has made the largest Thupten choelng monastery in Solukhumbu district of Everest Region in Nepal.

Buddhist people believe that one can know about the whereabouts of past lives if one dies consciously. To be spiritual is in a way to prepare for conscious dying. Death is not full stop for life but a step in between two lives. You have right to believe or not believe in theory of reincarnation.