trekking in nepal to rebuild nepal

Travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal

Tourism is one of the major parts of Nepali economy. On the surface it looks that some elites taking much profit and distribution is not even but in micro level, a big population of country is benefitted from it.  Nepal has been affected a lot by Earthquake of April 25 and aftershocks of then after. Some people are getting misconception about Nepal like it has been devastate a lot and it is not a safe country to travel now but the reality is not so. Now Nepal is more need of tourists. Only much damage was on Langtang and Manaslu region and other trekking areas of Nepal are safe. The pattern shows that in the Himalayas the major earthquake hit each after a century and if show Nepal is safe now for many decades. About 99% infrastructures of tourism are marked safe.

Plan your Travel in Nepal more especially if you are keeping Nepal on your bucket list. Along with the tour and trekking you can give few days for construction. Your efforts will be inspiring for locals and this cross cultural exchange experience will be your sweet life memory. If you are travelling Nepal as a solo traveler you can join the charitable programs with other groups and it is best if you are travelling in a group. Travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal is best suitable program for group travelers like college students travelling Nepal, school students travelling Nepal or any group of people from organizations travelling Nepal.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd provides packages that combine travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal in co-ordination with third eye volunteer Nepal. We are offering travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal program in cost price because you are coming here in a special situation with different mission. Get the best Nepal offers in most reasonable price and visit Nepal differently.

When you are in Nepal in a travel program, you will reach your destination and it is wonderful to be in the mountain villages and help the neediest people. We would like to welcome you to visit Nepal announcing it is safer, the hangover of Earthquake is over; Nepal is beautiful as it was and you get more of your money when you come here when here are fewer tourists. Don’t postpone the essential. See you in Nepal for adventure and spiritual experience through various activities.

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nepal is very safe place

Is Nepal Safe for Tourists after April 25, 2015 Earthquake?

A moderate Earthquake hit central and western Nepal on April 25 2015 and since than many aftershocks is continuously coming. There were two major aftershocks April 26 and second week of May. The earthquake took life of roughly 9,000 people and left thousand injured. About dozens of districts goy badly damaged including Gorkha, Sindupalchowk, Rasuwa, Dolakaha and Kathmandu valley was moderately damaged. The major Heritage sites of the valley are partially damaged. (more…)

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