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10 Spiritual Tours in Nepal

Don’t miss Spiritual side of Nepal if you are planning a trip to Nepal. Nepal is a unique place where you will find Hinduism and Buddhism practiced together along with many parallel local practices. You will see incense aroma rising from Temples, the decorative mandalas in front local Newar houses of Kathmandu, the Buddhist prayers flags fluttering in winds in sacred places, the amazing temples scattered all around the city in such a setting from where you will see big panorama of view along with snow capped Himalayas. Come and get into spiritual side of Nepal for authentic Nepal exploration.

1.     Buddhist places tour with blessings from a monk

buddhist place of nepal


This program lets you visit some selected buddhist monasteries of Kathmandu to Understand Nepali Buddhism to a deeper level. In this tour you will receive blessings from a high level Buddhist Monk. This tour is 4-6 hours long. It includes visit to Boudhanath stupa, Kopan monastery and some other highlight places with half hour meditation in a monastery.

In this program there will be interaction with a monk, some teachings on Buddhist techniques of mindfulness and happiness. Visiting the largest Buddhist stupa of boudhanath and spirirual tour to Buddhist monastery can give you some different insights.

2. Spirit of Kathmandu Private day Tour

spirit of kathmandu tour

This tour includes visit to major world heritage sites of Kathmandu not only being a mere observer but also as a participator. The tour includes visit to Swoyambhunath Stupa (monkey temple), Patan City, Pashupatinath and Boudhanath. This tour enables you get know spirit of Kathmandu keeping its history, art, religion and social change on background.

3. Shaman healing day Tour

shaman tour nepal

This trip includes visit to a local shaman who heals your problems with native knowledge and skills based on the tradition. He will tell your fortune, makes you cautious the practices to be taken to avoid illness and bad omens. Get a living guidance from a local shaman joining shaman healing day tour.

4. Private day trip 4 ganesh temples of Kathmandu

ganesh tour nepal

Kathmandu is city of temples and home of Gods. Ganesh is one of the most important Hindu god and one of the major god for people of Kathmandu. He is remover of obstacles and gives good luck. The private day trip to four Ganesh tamples includes visit to following Ganesh places

  1. Chandra Binayak of chabahil
  2. Suryabinayak of Bhaktapur
  3. Karyabinayak of Bugmati
  4. Jal Binayak of Chovar

5. Private day trip 4 vishnu places of Kathmandu

lord bishnu

Vishnu is the protector deity of Hindu. Kathamndu valley is protected by placing four Vishun temples in four corners of Kathmandu. If you want to visit four Vishnu temples of Kathmandu and get blessed then join private day tour 4 vishnu places of Kathmandu.  The important four Vishun temples of Kathmandu are Changu Narayan Temple, Bisankhunarayan temple, Ichangunarayan and Shesnarayan. Apart from four narayans of Kathmandu valley there is another famous narayan temple of Budanilakantha. Make your mission complete visiting five narayan temples of Kathmandu.

6. Day trip for Yoga and Meditation in Kathmandu

meditation tour nepal

Join a day trip for yoga and meditation in Kathmandu. The options include visit to Pharing Asura cave for a meditation session or hike to Shivapuri to meditate on the high energy field where Shiva Puri Baba have meditated for several years or visit to tapoban International commune and on the way visit to Nepal Yoga Home for two Hours Yoga course.

Please contact us if you love to join and we will send you options with perfect suggestion to meet your level.

7. Shop, cook, pray and Eat Day Tour in Kathmandu

cook, pray and eat

We invite you to join our shop, cook, pray and Eat tour to get deeply immersed in Nepali way of life and understand attitude of food of People. As most people believe in One, food is taken as divine gift. Learn to cook like a local some authentic Nepali dishes joining our shop, cook, pray and eat day tour program just at 40 USD for a day.

8. Buddhist places pilgrimage Tour

how to visit lumbini

Nepal has sacred Buddhist places. Here are two world heritage sites in kathmandu called Swoyambhunath and Boudhnath, and valley has old Buddhist monasteries based on old tradition and new monasteries made based on Tibetan buddhism after exile of Dalai Lama. Along with Buddhist heritage of Kathmandu, the other Buddhist places of interest in Nepal are Namo Buddha, Asura Cave of Pharping and ultimately Lumbini where Siddhartha Gautham Buddha was born. Join our multiday Buddhist places pilgrimage tour for inner growth and peace of mind.

9. Hindu places Pilgrimage tour

hindu attractions of nepal

Nepal once a hindu country now a secular country have some world famous power places where a hindu is expected to visit before they die for fulfil of quest. Our Hindu places tour includes visit to some sacred hindu temples in Kathmandu that includes Pashupatinath temple. This multi day tour includes visit to manakamana Temple and Muktinath temple in Mustang region of Nepal. There are many places to be included or excluded based on your interest or number of days you will have.

Please tell us about yourself so we will send you a special itinerary.

10. Base camp Trekking

everest spiritual tour

People of faith believe that the snowcapped mountain regions are sacred because the pure power resides there. If you love to trek in Nepal and join Everest Base camp Trekking or Anaapurna base camp treking, always remember Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd.

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