Nepal Earthquake Devastation Places Tour

If there was no Earthquake, there would have been no Himalayas. The Himalayan Region where Nepal lies is prone area to major Earthquakes. Nepal has been hit by major Earthquakes every century and medium to small Earthquakes each year. Nepal was hit by Major Earthquake in 2015 April which took life of more than 10,000 people which is commonly understood as Gorkha Earthquake. This Earthquake not only took life of many people also destroyed millions of houses causing loss of property.

Nepal is now slowly recovering from the Earthquake effect. Some scientiests who made some research after 2015 April Earthquake claim that the Earthquake of 2015 and its after shocks did not release total energy and the mid Nepal is likely to hit by even greater magnitude earthquake in the future.

In the 2015 April Earthquake, many villages were completely destroyed. Kathmandu valley had some historical sites and some parts of the city getting more damage.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd invites you to join this devastating places tour if you are interested to see how the Earthquake of 2015 damaged Nepal and how it is recovering. After Nepal Earthquake nepal was misrepresented as it was over damage shown by organizations to collect donations and was under represented by those who did not go real destruction sites and generalized. In Nepal Earthquake destruction places tour, we will show you the site Barpak of gorkha district where the epi center was, the major destroyed areas, and the sites where scietiests have traced the faultlines.

This tour can be customerized from a day to several weeks. Please send us your length of holiday and we will send you the best suitable itinerary.

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