nepal spiritual trekking

Nepal is Yoga Home

Nepal is a Yoga Home. It is land of pioneers of Yoga.  Great sages like Baba Gorakhnath, Shivapuri Baba, Khaptad swami and other countless souls got enlightened in this land. From past till the present many people have made it a way of life. In the present Yogi Bikashananda is one of the prominent yogi with large number of followers in Nepal. There are many traditions of Yoga and yoga is way of life which supports Nepal is a true yoga home.

Due to western influence in education system and global world views, many people here have forgotten their old values but there is also a fraction of new generation searching happiness and peace in life getting attracted to these techniques. Yoga and meditation are age old practices people believe heal the problems and results peace and happiness.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking Company has become and leading pioneer company providing spiritual tours in Nepal. Nepal Spiritual Travel programs are designed for people do adventure in Nepal together with yoga and meditation for inner happiness. Nepal Spiritual tours are one day tour to several days long.

In Spiritual tradition the yoga teacher called guru has special value. If you are planning a trip to Nepal and want to do it differently for body and soul, choose Nepal spiritual Trekking. You will be guide by best yoga and meditation teachers staying in peaceful meditation and retreat centers of Nepal. Nepal is home of different spiritual techniques and specially the abode of tantra.

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