best time to visit nepal

Best time to visit Nepal

The best month to visit Nepal is October. The bluest sky and gentle breeze, the festive atmosphere and the celebrations will make your heart leap. The flowers of the season welcome you as butterflies. The Himalayas appear crystal clear. Feel the westerly wind. Come to experience the warmer days and cooler nights. See the happy paddy field.

In Nepal the monsoon starts at June 10 and sets at September 23.  After the rain is over, the autumn season is beautiful as Nepal’s poet Lekhnath Poudel describes the time in his poem Dashain as

सबै अत्यन्त आनन्दी               All are blissful

सबै छन् पिङमा दंग               All are awe in swings

सबैको देखिंदै आयो               One can notice

उज्यालो चेहरा रंग ।               Each faces with smile

The festivals show the aspect of Nepali life and their intimacy with nature.  The Deepawali is another important festival mostly occurring in October. This is the festival of light. The lesson of the festival is we wipe out the outer darkness by lighting candle and we light inner by love and compassion. The love between humans and animals, harmony between animals and humans and family bond between brothers and sisters can be observed.

The trekking trails become dry. The trees start to release their leaves. The first snow starts to fall on high passes. In the poor families it is the month to change clothe for the year and eat delicious food. It is time for tourists to come and explore beauty of Nepal. This is time to see Himalayas at their best form. This is time to fall in love with Nepal. See you in Nepal. Welcome to Spiritual Nepal for Nepal tour and trek in October, the best month of the year to travel Nepal.

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