trek in Nepal in august

Travel Nepal in August

Devi’s fall in Pokhara looks awesome. See the flow of marshyangdi river which looks awesome. Many waterfalls you encounter look awesome. The rivers at their perfection look awesome. The cotton like clouds changing from Mickey Mouse to dragon and what not looks awesome. The showering clouds look awesome. The green paddy fields look awesome.

The clouds arise from ridges and peaks. The clouds shower the ocean over the Himalayas. How beautiful this mechanism of nature is. Trek in discomfort and go over hardships. Walk on the muddy and leach filled trails. Experience what normal people do not experience.

Trek in the rain shadow region. See the beautiful meadow. Explore the beauty of Nepal. Join agro tourism activities if you want to travel differently in august in Nepal. You can do Nepal tour in August or go on trekking that is suitable for monsoon season in Nepal.

The most interesting is many traditional cultural festivals of Nepal fall in this month. Wear Nepali sari and look at a mirror. Observe the faith operating miraculously in Nepalese social system. See the growing plants in the fields. See the white Himalayas as beautiful as a bride when the clouds release them. Smell the after rain fresh air.

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head of Nigma Buddhism

Do you believe in Reincarnation

Do you believe in reincarnation? Reincarnation is the primary belief in Buddhism. Tibetan Spiritual leader Dalai lama has accepted Nwang Tenzing Choki as the incarnation of his deceased Guru Trulsik Rimpoche. The youngest monk born on 25 July of 2013 has become the head of Tibet’s oldest Buddhist sect Nigma. On the occasion of 80th birthday of Dalai Lama, The boy was declared the Rimpoche.

The head of Nigma Sect of Buddhism Guru Trulsik Rimpoche has passed away four years back in solukhumbu district of Nepal. The The boy born in Kathmandu from parents Babur Choeling Tulku Nwagl and Mother Pailung chewing Dolma is now head of Nigma school of Buddhism. The deceased monk has made the largest Thupten choelng monastery in Solukhumbu district of Everest Region in Nepal.

Buddhist people believe that one can know about the whereabouts of past lives if one dies consciously. To be spiritual is in a way to prepare for conscious dying. Death is not full stop for life but a step in between two lives. You have right to believe or not believe in theory of reincarnation.

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safe nepal

Representation of post earthquake Nepal

The question is of problem of representation. Nepal faced Earthquake on April 25, 2015 and major quake was followed by several smaller quakes and there are small earthquakes of Magnitude 4-5 almost each day. It was not massive nor was it a minor.

The post earthquake situation seems illusory as picture of Nepal created by both extremist is untrue or partially true. Here extremists means the NGO’s, INGO’s and Tourism entrepreneurs. The NGO”s and INGO’s are representing Nepal more than the devastation aiming to survive in the world of charity. This very image of Nepal is pitiful. They managed to circulate this sort of image around the world and managed to chase their dreams. This helped Nepal get sympathy from the people of world but it is sure that it in long term harms the country.

The other are travel business holders who are labeling their campaign as Nepal Tourism recovery! Strategies and Actions to counter the negative image of Nepal presented by first group of people but danger is that they are hiding the dark spots and telling the world that they should come Nepal to visit because it is safe. The earthquake did make lots of effects on the heritages of Nepali tourism. Still here are aftershocks each day, there are boards on world heritage sites saying danger zone, most of the hotels in the heart of Kathmandu are not labeled by experts if they are safe. One will have different picture of Kathmandu on the mind after sightseeing the world heritage sites of Kathmandu valley. It is nice that no major problems have arrived but if some calamity will occur, are our mechanisms and system able to cope with the situation. After the earthquake many foreigners came Nepal risking their life to help and rescue but for tourists who come Nepal on holiday the matter is different at present time.

It is wrong logic to say that tourists should come and visit Nepal to help local economy. They should think twice and take independent decision. Nepal is danger as well as safer at the same time. We hope things will start getting better once the monsoon will be over, the aftershocks stop. The major trekking routes like Annapurna circuit, Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp, Kanchenjunga base camp are doable but there are possible threats of landslides.  If there will be 5-6 Richter scale aftershocks with Kathmandu center that can cause disaster. Nepali people are slowly coming out of earthquake caused trauma and trying making life normal.

Think Twice and if you feel coming Nepal: You are welcome to visit Nepal. Choose activities and areas that are more fulfilling.


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trekking in Nepal July

Travel Nepal in July

July is beautiful month to observe monsoon clouds changing shapes. The farmers are busy planting rice in the fields. The rivers are in their full youth. Except the jungle of concrete, everywhere is green. The rain not only washes the physical dirt, it often gives a spiritual experience. The most beautiful music for this month is croaking of a frog and beautiful light is that of a firefly.

The important festival of this month is roapi jatra (the rice planting festival). Make your program that fits the season. Go in the fields to plough the field and make a race.

People advice that avoid Nepal travelling during monsoon season because Chitwan is very warm and full of mosquitoes, Pokhara is moist and always wet etc but you will feel surprisingly difference when you are here. You will see Pokhara like cities filled with tourists and volunteers in July.

The nice itinerary to make during monsoon season is open itinerary by which you can work during rains. The rain usually occurs during nights and late afternoons. Avoiding the rain hours, you can use your time visit the place of your choice breathing most clean air.

For short hikes choose Jomsom region for July because it lies in rain shadow region beyond the greater mountains. If you are on a long holiday, choose Annapurna circuit trekking for July trekking in Nepal. The hotels and restaurants announce special discount offers for monsoon season. You can enjoy the best in fewer prices.

July is good month to join summer volunteer programs in Nepal. The best programs for summer are Elephant care volunteering, agricultural volunteering, teaching and working in a monastery. See you in Nepal. Travel differently

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