strange yoga posture

Is there extremism in Yoga?

Is there extremism in Yoga? Today when I was looking pictures of yogic posture in different social Medias, it made me think for a while. Regular practice gives Excellency but is there a limit point? Are we doing yoga or making some else bodily performance?
It is yoga a technique by which we make control over body and find the soul. Here finding soul means a greater realization. Are we doing yoga consciously for higher goal or it has become a bodily performance. The important thing to be noted here is that it is very different than only physical training.
The two preliminary stages of before Yoga are golden rules which lead to higher realm of peace merging the soul with the source. These days it is nice that yoga has been taken as a science or a technique for better health and peace. Without practicing the rules and playing a game does not give result as one expects. Our society is not that of the forest dwellers time so we should update we should follow the rules on relativity to the metropolitan we live. Are we following the Yama and Niyama?
The five yamas are:
Ahimsa: nonviolence, Satya: truthfulness, Asteya: nonstealing, Brahmacharya: continence and Aparigraha: noncovetousness
The five niyamas are:
Saucha: cleanliness, Samtosa: contentment, Tapas: heat; spiritual austerities, Svadhyaya: study of the sacred scriptures and of one’s self and svara pranidhana: surrender to God
Wish Peace and blessings to all on the occasion of World Yoga Day June 21.


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kathmandu earthquake

The 8 mysteries of April 25, 2015 earthquake of mystical Nepal

  1. 8-magnitude quake struck Nepal on Saturday April 25, 2015 and the quake came on such a time of a day which was reason for minimal damage. If it was on night, or on working days of the week or just few hours in advance or after, the number might had been much more. If that was not Saturday, 35000 class rooms were destroyed in Nepal which means about 75,000 students …
  2. The energy released by the earthquake in Nepal was 504.4 times the energy sent out by the Hiroshima atomic blast in 1945. The Hiroshima bombings killed at least 90,000 to 1, 66,000 people.
  3. The Nepal earthquake has affected both life and property in the region. But another interesting observation reveals that the city of Kathmandu have shifted by as much as 10 feet after the quake. The southward shift is quite prominent.
  4. The Geologists have not found the major rupture fault.
  5. According to earthquake expert Binod Tiwari: The only 17%of the total released energy was used to shake. It would not have been strange if 70% energy was used. Where did the rest energy go? The people of Kathmandu worry that the shake was big but in compare to other earthquakes of world, it is still strange.
  6. The swing of houses time was observed 6 seconds but the scientists say that in general it is done within 2 seconds.
  7. The earthquake came in dry season which prevented the Kathmandu’s soft soil profile from being liquidified saving life of thousands of property value of billion.
  8. In general the energy releases uniformly in all direction from epi center but in this earthquake most energy is found channelized to east of Barpak.

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travel in nepal in June

Trekking in Nepal in June

June is one of the special months of Nepal. Nepali people say that it is a month to sow little and harvest multiple in October/November. The monsoon starts in Nepal around June 10 each year. Most of the agriculture in Nepal depends on rain water. The whole plantation field becomes performing places with hard labor, songs and dances, varieties of food etc. This month teaches people how strong the bond is between nature and humans.

As this month is special for rice plantation and agricultural activities, tourists can join volunteer programs, cultural activities and trek to highland of Nepal. In places like Bhaktapur of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lamjung etc, the local people organize rice planting related festivals like mud race, plough race, rice planting race with local music’s and special food. Here people believe that one will be healthier if touches the mud during rice planting events.

There are some special foods eaten in this month like beaten rice, yoghurt, banana etc. The longest day of the year falls in this month. Learn to sing Asare song, the special songs sung in this month from farmers. Learn from the clouds. Learn what hard labor from farmers is. In this month, you will see beautiful water falls in the mountains everywhere. The whole earth looks beautiful like a pregnant woman.

The rainy season is special months for Buddhist monks. Since the Buddha’s time, they were ordered to stop travelling out and focus for their spiritual growth. There are many monasteries which offer special retreat course for rainy season. Travel in Nepal in June to enjoy specialty June offers.

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trekking in nepal during monsoon

Trekking in Nepal during monsoon

Are you planning trekking in Nepal during monsoon? Generally people say that monsoon is not right time of the year to trek in Nepal and the number of tourists decrease at this season on trekking routes of Nepal than autumn and Spring which is said best time of year to trek in Nepal. Nepal has some geography that is on rain shadow region and it is best to trek their during monsoon months.  In the north of Nepal, there are greater mountains called Himalayas and besides that Nepal has part of Tibetan plateau which is a special region for exploration of authentic Tibetan culture.

Monsoon is good time to go on Trekking in Nepal Annapurna circuit. The manang and Mustang region of Nepal lies in rain shadow region and suitable for trekking in Nepal during monsoon season. At this time the water falls looks incredibly beautiful, the vegetation looks lush green, the clouds play hide and seek with Himalayas, comparatively low chance of altitude sickness because of summer, less risk of avalanches, less number of tourists on trail which means more intimacy and peace with nature.

People have misconception that during monsoon in Nepal, it rains all the day which is not so. Normally except some said it rains few hours during 24 hours and rest hours are sunny, clear weather, fresh blow of air. Normally in a day, the trekking camps of the days are designed for 4-5 hours walk so one can easily manage to trek on off rain hours and enjoy the rain sitting on the balcony of tea houses.

One of the benefits of trekking in monsoon season is leach therapy. Medically scientists have proven that leaches suck the impure blood of the body and help make someone healthy boosting immunity. You can have this benefit of leach therapy coming trekking in Nepal during monsoon.

When people come Nepal to trek in so called best time of year and monsoon season they will say trekking in Nepal best time to go is monsoon where you get more for paying less. It will be a chance to see agricultural practices carried here which are carried like festivals. You can ask your travel agent to make your day trip on a farm volunteering in nepal You will feel the happy soil. The terraces look incredibly beautiful after plantation. Welcome to Nepal for trekking in monsoon as monsoon in Nepal starts roughly from June 10 and ends on Sep 23.

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ugrachandi nala

Do God’s signal disasters in Nepal?

In Nepal, many people believe that the divine powers reveal signs of coming disasters. In April of 2015, the mid Nepal was hit by powerful earthquake and several aftershocks are following it since 50 days. Today on 12th of June the idol of the Goddess Ugra Chandi of Kavre did sweat. People have belief that when the stone idol sweats, the country may face some disasters. Rare are these news and they are troubling to people of faith.

There are many tales among locals that the idol of the godess sweating in the past and disaster in the country of any scale after. There is another famous Temple in Dolakha of Bhimsen where there is idol of Bhimsen. The idol of Bhimsen also sweats on special occasion and people take it as a sign of coming disaster. The last time the Bhimsen deity sweated on 14th of December 2014 and people were worried and they had taken it as a bad omen. According to the locals Bhimsen deity earlier sweated at the time of massive disasters in Nepal, including the catastrophic earthquake of 1990 B.S., the royal massacre of 2058 B.S. and the political change of 2063 B.S., which abolished monarchy.

This year during the popular festivals of Kathmandu like Fagu (holi festival) the pillar was broken, during the macchindranath Jatra, there were mishaps.

We can also say that these all were coincidences and these believes are superstitious which do not have any direct connection with the disastrous events but for local people of faith, those events are alarms of disasters country is going to face.

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trekking in nepal to rebuild nepal

Travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal

Tourism is one of the major parts of Nepali economy. On the surface it looks that some elites taking much profit and distribution is not even but in micro level, a big population of country is benefitted from it.  Nepal has been affected a lot by Earthquake of April 25 and aftershocks of then after. Some people are getting misconception about Nepal like it has been devastate a lot and it is not a safe country to travel now but the reality is not so. Now Nepal is more need of tourists. Only much damage was on Langtang and Manaslu region and other trekking areas of Nepal are safe. The pattern shows that in the Himalayas the major earthquake hit each after a century and if show Nepal is safe now for many decades. About 99% infrastructures of tourism are marked safe.

Plan your Travel in Nepal more especially if you are keeping Nepal on your bucket list. Along with the tour and trekking you can give few days for construction. Your efforts will be inspiring for locals and this cross cultural exchange experience will be your sweet life memory. If you are travelling Nepal as a solo traveler you can join the charitable programs with other groups and it is best if you are travelling in a group. Travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal is best suitable program for group travelers like college students travelling Nepal, school students travelling Nepal or any group of people from organizations travelling Nepal.

Nepal Spiritual Trekking P Ltd provides packages that combine travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal in co-ordination with third eye volunteer Nepal. We are offering travel in Nepal to rebuild Nepal program in cost price because you are coming here in a special situation with different mission. Get the best Nepal offers in most reasonable price and visit Nepal differently.

When you are in Nepal in a travel program, you will reach your destination and it is wonderful to be in the mountain villages and help the neediest people. We would like to welcome you to visit Nepal announcing it is safer, the hangover of Earthquake is over; Nepal is beautiful as it was and you get more of your money when you come here when here are fewer tourists. Don’t postpone the essential. See you in Nepal for adventure and spiritual experience through various activities.

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nepal is very safe place

Is Nepal Safe for Tourists after April 25, 2015 Earthquake?

A moderate Earthquake hit central and western Nepal on April 25 2015 and since than many aftershocks is continuously coming. There were two major aftershocks April 26 and second week of May. The earthquake took life of roughly 9,000 people and left thousand injured. About dozens of districts goy badly damaged including Gorkha, Sindupalchowk, Rasuwa, Dolakaha and Kathmandu valley was moderately damaged. The major Heritage sites of the valley are partially damaged. (more…)

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